Burying The Ex Trailer Looks Like The Horror Comedy Of The Year

How far would you go to bury the memory of your ex? It can be a difficult game to just get someone out of your head, but what happens when it’s nearly impossible to get them out of your life, even after they’re dead? Well it looks like one man will have his work cut out for him when his girlfriend (who he wanted to be ex-girlfriend) comes back from the dead and just won’t let him move on. Take a look at the trailer for the hilarious horror comedy, Burying the Ex.

Max (Anton Yelchin) had been dating an overbearing girlfriend, Evelyn (Ashley Greene) and while building up the courage to break up with her, Evelyn is killed in a freak accident. Max, who was seemingly saved from ending his unwanted relationship, quickly moves on and falls in love with Olivia (Alexandra Daddario). It looks like the two are quite the pair from the trailer too, as the relationship quickly progresses. But, like any good comedy, love never comes that easily. And of course, since we are in the horror comedy genre, problems arise...from the dead.

Burying the Ex offers everything you need from a zombie comedy. When Evelyn rises from the dead she not only features the pasty, gruesome undead looks but also now has super strength and the capability to bend her bones in that creepy way that you can’t even help but to flinch at. Oh yeah and now her kisses come packed with some sort of green zombie slime.

But, what is Max to do now that he’s met his dream girl, who of course is portrayed by Alexandra Daddario? Looks like Daddario’s character is going to get caught in the crossfires as well. Well when you make mistakes (like not breaking up with your girlfriend who you don’t want to even be with), they can come back to haunt you, quite literally.

Burying the Ex looks like a fun horror comedy, but according to the screenwriter it goes even further with its social commentary. In talking with Shockya, Alan Trezza discussed his own love for zombie films and how effective it is using zombies as a metaphor for something greater:

And I just sort of realized that no one had ever used the zombie as a metaphor for a failed relationship, and what an apt one that was, because we all know what it’s like to be in a relationship that you want to get out of but just can’t — you can’t move on, that person always seems to be on Facebook or around the corner.

Alan Trezza’s script is directed by Joe Dante (Gremlins) and has quite the powerhouse cast with Yelchin, Greene, and Daddario at the focus. Burying the Ex hits theaters and iTunes on June 19th.