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Captain America 3 May Have Way More Superheroes Than We Thought

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War is already shaping up to be so much more than just a Captain America movie. With an expansive cast, some are already referring to it as Avengers 2.5, and it looks like that collection of notable superheroes may get even bigger before the end.

If this report from Bleeding Cool does in fact turn out to be true, they constitute major SPOILERS, so you may want to tread with caution if you’re sensitive to such things. Also, this report is already being refuted by other sources in the industry, so, as always, take it with as big a grain of salt as you can find.

We know that Captain America, obviously, appears, as do returning players Iron Man, Black Widow, and Hawkeye, so don’t expect any of them to die in Avengers: Age of Ultron in May. New Marvel Cinematic Universe addition Black Panther is also slated to show up. But according to this latest rumor, these already substantial ranks are swelling even more. If true, we can expect to also see Hulk, Thor, War Machine, Scarlet Witch, Wasp, and -- perhaps most exciting for many -- a 14-year-old Peter Parker, better known by his alter ego, Spider-Man, get in on the action.

If this does pan out, this means that Marvel is seriously ramping up the Civil War storyline. In the comics, the arc deals with the Superhero Registration Act, which requires all superheroes to identify themselves and submit to new government regulation and oversight. You can imagine how this rankles some of these notoriously secretive individuals, and this splits the community into two diametrically opposed factions: the pro-Government side, led by Tony Stark and Iron Man, while Cap’s side opposes this new law. It basically rips the Avengers apart, and we’ve already seen traces of the mounting tension in the build up to Age of Ultron.

Almost as soon at the Bleeding Cool report hit the airwaves, people with their own sources, outlets that are every bit as credible, popped up refuting this news. Badass Digest’s Devin Faraci tweeted:

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However this shakes out, and we likely won’t know for sure until we sit down in a theater on May 6, 2016, Captain America: Civil War is going to feature a badass collection of superheroes. We’ve already heard that this is where Spider-Man will make his first official MCU appearance, and I hope that they keep his onscreen arc fairly similar to the source. He has one of the most powerful moments in the saga, and it would be an incredible moment to see.