New Captain America: Civil War International Trailer Shows Ant-Man In The Fray

While the abilities of Scott Lang’s Ant-Man suit are particularly useful when your job is to break into a place and steal some shit, he may not be the first guy you think of when it comes time to take on a team of superheroes you used to be friends with. And this would be why Captain America is the guy in charge. He’s apparently figured out where Ant-Man can be useful in helping to take down Team Iron Man. Check out the new international TV spot for Captain America: Civil War, which shows Scott Lang getting up close and personal with the inner workings of Iron Man.

If you speak German this trailer might make a little bit more sense to you. While we don’t understand any of the words, there does appear to be a "wow, you’ve got really big muscles" moment between Paul Rudd and Chris Evans that’s probably even funnier, and less awkward, because we can’t understand it. The rest of the spot continues to focus on Ant-Man. We’ve seen him go sailing through the air on one of Hawkeye’s arrows in previous trailers, and it appears that we now know where he was headed. After slipping through Iron Man’s fingers, he actually slides inside the Iron Man suit and starts taking it apart from the inside. Apparently Tony Stark doesn’t use titanium plates like the Yellowjacket suit did. We can’t help but wonder if the Iron Man suit will see some upgrades during this movie to prevent something like that from happening again.

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It will be interesting to see how all the different heroes that usually fight together will match up against each other. We’ve seen that Black Widow and Hawkeye will go one on one and we can imagine Falcon flying through the air with War Machine on his tail. We can imagine that Scarlet Witch and Vision could really just wipe the floor with pretty much all of them, though we’ll also assume that they’re not trying to hurt their old friends too much and both may keep their powers in check, at least to some degree.

Which two Avengers would you look to see go one on one? Let us know in the comments. We’ll finally get to see the two sides take each other on when Captain America: Civil War is released May 6.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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