Celebrate Mean Girls 10th Anniversary With Totally Fetch Jewelry

It's hard to believe but April 30, 2014 will mark the tenth anniversary of the release of Mean Girls. The Tina Fey-penned coming-of-age comedy (that may become a musical) has since been deemed a contemporary comedy classic by many. So to pay honor to it and its unforgettable Plastics, one clever jewelry shop has made up some totally fetch jewelry that even Regina George would crave.

THR tipped this "Burn Book" collection from Los Angeles-based jewelry brand Stella and Bow. Clearly inspired by Mean Girls, these necklaces, bracelets and barrettes are totally fetch, even if they play a bit fast and loose with who'd wear what. For instance, the hair clip ($55) that reads "full of secrets" is called "Karen"--even though that sly comment was made by Damian about Gretchen Weiners.

Mean Girls - clip - hair full of secrets by MyMovies_International

Damian's name is bestowed on the gold bangle with the pink diamond (pictured up top; $63), and funny enough, the pink gold bracelet ($63) that reads "Wednesday"--as in "Wednesday we wear pink"--is named after dedicated non-Plastic Janis Ian!

Stella and Bow Burn Book Collection

Stella and Bow Burn Book Collection

Still, don't feel bad for Gretchen. Her one-liners appear not only on the silver bangle "That's so fetch" but also on a gold pendant necklace, though the later is named for Glen Coco.

There'll also be an "Aaron" ring with a rope-like band and bow for $23, and a $38 "Cady" necklace that spells out "boo" and "duh" with beads on a gold chain. What pieces are named for poor Gretchen and Queen Bee Regina? We'll find out when Stella and Bow's Burn Book Capsule Collection's full details are unveiled on February 12th. But in the mean time, you can see a few more of its bracelets in the site's instagram account:

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Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.