Crammed inside a Metallic Pete Truckster and hopped up on forced optimism, thirty years ago the Griswold Family trekked across the country in hopes of seeing Wally World. Along the way, they committed felonies, lost several members of their crew and almost strangled each other. In some ways, their journey feels a bit dated. From that horrendous station wagon to the soundtrack to the way director Harold Ramis frames the movie, much of it is very clearly a product of the 1980s, but in all of the important ways, the hate they wield for their redneck cousins, the smell that lingers out of the backseat and the unyielding sense of frustration, National Lampoon’s Vacation is eternal.

To celebrate Vacation’s 30th anniversary, the studio decided to release a brand new Blu-ray edition this morning. It offers all kinds of bells and whistles including a spectacular, hilarious and lengthy behind-the-scenes documentary that outlines how the product went from one of John Hughes’ many brilliant ideas to actually becoming a film. More importantly, it also contains said film, and that’s always a reason to celebrate. So, in honor of 30 great years, in honor of what might come next, here are five hysterical and brilliant Vacation moments…

1. Making Kool-Aid
The entire extended sequence with the redneck relatives is hysterical. From Cousin Eddie offering Clark the beer he’s already been drinking to Aunt Edna’s first vicious glares, it’s pretty much all comedy gold, but when it comes to pure shock factor, nothing tops Cousin Vicki, played by a young Jane Krakowski of 30 Rock fame, making Kool-Aid in a horribly ill-fitting shirt by sticking her hand inside the jar and swishing it around. The process is beyond unsanitary, and it lets Clark know exactly what he’s in for.

We all have relatives that have a different way of doing things, and we’ve all had moments where we’ve been weirded out by their bullshit. Thank God most of us have never encountered anything this unseemly, however.

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