The Channing Tatum Gambit Movie Might Take Awhile

Talk of Channing Tatum potentially playing Gambit in the X-Men movie universe dates all the way back to X-Men: The Last Stand - before Taylor Kitsch ended up getting the part in X-Men Origins: Wolverine - but that idea has moved forward in a big way these past six months. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner re-pitched the idea of Tatum playing Gambit back in January, saying that she had hopes of someday seeing a Gambit spin-off movie, and the casting choice slowly became more realistic the closer X-Men: Days Of Future Past got to release. Comments made by Shuler Donnor last month made it seem like the casting was a done deal, but apparently things are still very much in the earliest stages.

With the cast of 22 Jump Street currently making the press rounds, MTV took the opportunity to ask Channing Tatum about his possible first superhero movie. The actor confirmed that there have been discussions about him taking the part, but that there are still a lot of things that need to be done before the film can actually be made. Said Tatum,

"Creatively, we’re starting to chug forward. Obviously there’s nothing written. There are only conversations and dreams right now, really. The machine of the Marvel world is so ginormous that it’s like literally climbing a mountain, getting one of these movies made, and all of the pieces that go along with it. I’ve been pretty vocal about wanting to be the part of Gambit for a very long time. It’s a weird, pinching-myself moment that we’re even having the conversation."

Comments made by director Bryan Singer all the way back in March suggested the possibility that the cast of the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse would include characters like Gambit and Nightcrawler, but those don't appear to be the same plans that Tatum has been privy to. Instead, the actor says that his discussions about playing the Ragin’ Cajun have more centered on the idea of a solo movie for the time being.

"We’ve talked about it being a standalone first, and actually trying to change the ‘hero, superhero movie’ just a little. Because Gambit is not really your typical hero. He’s a thief. He walks on the gray. I’m hoping we try and can change it a little bit, and then feather into the other ones."

Given how everything seems to be very much in the early stages in regards to the Channing Tatum/Gambit talks, I maybe wouldn't count out the possibility of the character getting a test run in X-Men: Apocalypse. Depending on when they are actually planning to put a Gambit movie on the schedule, at the very least we can maybe hope for a post-credits appearance as set up.

Eric Eisenberg
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