After months of reasoned speculation, unsubstantiated rumors and rampant overanalysis, we finally got some clarification about the ever-present Wonder Woman question, as related to the upcoming Batman Vs Superman. In short, the film will use her, and she will be played by Fast And Furious beauty Gal Gadot. Maybe that means she’ll have a small role as a way to set up a future stand-alone movie or a bigger role in Justice League. Maybe that means she’ll operate like a third lead here. There will be plenty of time to speculate on that later, but for the time being, everyone on the Internet seems to have an opinion concerning whether or not Gadot’s casting is a masterstroke or a giant failure.

The truth is there’s no one single Wonder Woman mold. The character has been played by so many different women with at least slightly altered body shapes that apart from a physically imposing in-costume presence, she has been altered to suit particular movies, television shows and comics. Sometimes she’s broad-shouldered. Sometimes she’s more slender. Bizarrely, she’s sometimes even a blonde. The more important factor is that she’s played by a capable actress and that she’s an ass-kicker, though I think I speak for pretty much the entire world when I say she should also have dark hair.

Here’s a look back at the various women who have played the superhero over the years and how the heroine has been presented…

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