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Fan art is one of the most sincere ways to show how much you love a property. We here at Cinema Blend are no strangers to the allure and the artistry that internet-based fandom happens to generate when a film or show has their fancy. Sometimes though, even the top brass in charge of marketing takes notice and elevates a piece of work from fans into an example of just what following your muse can do. In the case of the Poster Posse, they've created a piece of art inspired by the upcoming film Guardians Of The Galaxy that was so cool, it's being offered as a giveaway to fans who line up at their local IMAX theater on opening night.

IMAX blasted this image through their Social Media profiles with the advisory that these will be given out on opening night showings for Guardians Of The Galaxy. While their Twitter feed advises that these posters will be given out at Midnight showings, the company further clarified in the Comments section of their Facebook post that these are for the "first showings" of the film. So if you're in the theater for an 8 PM IMAX showing on July 31st, say hello to your latest cubicle decoration!

Guardians IMAX Poster

This is of course the second Marvel film this year to receive the IMAX poster treatment, as Captain America: The Winter Soldier also found itself on the end of an awesome piece of alternative artwork, shown below.

Captain America IMAX Poster

Also, if you're an AMC Stubs member, you're going to want to go to your local AMC theater on opening weekend, as the theater chain is giving away a set of six pins to everyone seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy There's a one in six chance you'll get any one of the five members of the team, as the pins are sealed in blind bags. However, there's a one in 100 chance you'll snag one of THESE beauties:

Guardians Badge Pin

While the pins and posters are limited in quantities, they aren't always gone by the end of the opening weekend. In fact, it's best to keep an eye out in the lobby shortly after opening weekend, as items such as the Guardians Of The Galaxy posters are usually received in great enough quantities that they'll still be around after the opening showings. Of course, should you not spot any posters for the taking after opening night, it doesn't hurt to ask a theater employee. Before you go, we'd like to show you Comic Con goers an awesome poster you'll be able to snag during the Guardians Of The Galaxy panel in Hall H! Keep an eye out, as quantities are going to assuredly be limited.

Guardians Comic Con

Guardians Of The Galaxy starts showing on July 31st, so be sure to check your local theater listings and inquire ahead as to if your theater got their shipment of materials on time!

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