Check Out A Wreck-It Ralph Character Making A Secret Appearance In Big Hero 6

Thanks to its successful theatrical release last fall, many movie-goers have seen, enjoyed and devoured Big Hero 6. The Marvel and Disney animated hit was met with rapturous reviews and an impressive box office total. But despite its popularity there appears to be one little Easter Egg that slipped through the cracks - and it involves one of Wreck-It Ralph’s most surprisingly hilarious characters. See if you can spot him below:

Good old Saitine. How could anyone have missed his big beautiful bulging red frame? Alongside Ralph, Shinobi, Bowser, Dr. Robotnik, Clyde and Cyborg, Saitine was a member of Wreck It Ralph’s villains support group, otherwise known as "Bad-Anon." Alongside his cohorts, Saitine declared with gusto, "I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be, than me." For comparison purposes, you can spot the character in the image below:

Satine Wreck It Ralph

Kudos to the Imgur user DrunkenTenshi for spotting the character and then posting his findings to the website. And he was quite boastful about his discovery, writing, "My wife just found Saitine from Wreck-It Ralph in the background of Big Hero 6. She couldn’t find it anywhere else online so she asked me to post it here." He then finished with the delightful final line of "… Way better than finding Olaf."

This is a tad harsh, given that there are several deftly hidden Frozen Easter Eggs hidden within Big Hero 6. Not only is there a statue of Prince Hans that gets smashed to smithereens, Olaf the Snowman is also hidden in the midst of San Fransokyo (which is still the greatest fake city ever named). There’s even a tip of the hat to the city that Frozen’s characters call home too.

There are numerous hidden nuggets and references to Disney and its vast cannon of work dotted throughout Big Hero 6. In fact the boys over at Film Obsession were able to bring together a rather engrossing and comprehensive look at all of these Easter Eggs, which you can view in all of its glory below.

Not only does this video showcase the film's nods to Disney’s short film Feast,, but it also features Big Hero 6's Chicken Little and Wreck It Ralph billboards, and, of course, its wonderful Stan Lee cameo that saw the Marvel icon play Fred’s dad.

Following Big Hero 6’s success, there has been speculation that a sequel will be ordered, with the film’s directors, Don Hall and Chris Williams, admitting that Disney have given them free reign to work on a follow-up. It’s unclear at this point if it will ever happen, but surely it would open up the doors to a whole lot more Easter Eggs.

Gregory Wakeman