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With studios churning out one horror reboot after another, it was easy to scoff at the proposed Carrie remake. But on paper, this reboot looks promising. Helmed by Boys Don't Cry director Kimberly Peirce, the Stephen King tale of a bullied girl wreaking violent vengeance with her telekinetic powers gets a newly gruesome and gritty appeal thanks to a cast that includes such heralded actresses as Chloe Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore, and Judy Greer.

So far, we've gotten a chilling first look, a promise of buckets upon buckets of blood, the White family's home phone number, and the teaser that thrilled audiences at New York Comic Con. Now, in the wake of news that Carrie has been pushed from March to October, Sony Pictures has released a new image of Moretz from the film's fiery finale. Check it out below, thanks to Screen Crush.

This is a great pic to promote the film. Sure, it's from the third act, but a third act that is already iconic. Peirce needs to sell to audiences on what's different about her Carrie. And from this image alone we get some idea. Yes, there's the requisite blood, but this nearly full body shot also reveals the delicate details of Carrie's prom dress that are caked in gore and forever soiled. It's a visual reminder that this girl has been transformed.

Then look at that menacing stare. Since Moretz was cast, we suspected this Carrie would be a bit more terrifying than the delicate flower turned homicidal maniac that Sissy Spacek deftly portrayed back in 1976. This glimpse gives us solid hope that this remake will be distinctly disturbing, and totally worthwhile.

Carrie will storm theaters on October 18th.