Chris Hemsworth Wonders Why Thor Isn't In Civil War In Hilarious Marvel Video

Next month, Captain America: Civil War will feature almost every established Marvel Cinematic Universe hero (along with a few new players) clashing with each other over ideological differences. The key word being "almost." One of the characters sitting the conflict out is Thor, one of the founding Avengers. Evidently Chris Hemsworth isn’t pleased about being left out, so he decided to head to social media to humorously voice his thoughts about the exclusion

While casually doing pull-ups, Hemsworth started the video (posted on the Russo Brothers’ Facebook page) by mentioning how fans have been asking him whether he supports Team Captain America or Team Iron Man. That’s not the issue for Hemsworth. What "bothered" him is why he and Hulk, a.k.a. the two "strongest and biggest" Avengers, were left out of the festivities. He wondered if this is just the "kids" scrapping about while the "adults" sit on the sidelines in silence. Hemsworth than worried whether he’s not worthy of being involved, but that was quickly disproved when he "called" his hammer Mjolnir to his hand. His confidence renewed, he declared the rest of us Midgardians "pathetic" and "flew" off, complete with whooshing sound. To be fair, if Thor and Hulk were involved in Captain America: Civil War, they would demolish almost everyone there. They don’t need those teams; they’re a team by themselves.

Of course, MCU fans know the in-continuity reason Thor isn’t in Captain America: Civil War. At the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor went back to Asgard to investigate the vision he experienced via Scarlet Witch and that mystical pool of water. Not only did it show him four of the Infinity Stones, but it also foreshadowed Asgard dealing with impending doom. So while Midgard deals with ideological differences concerning superhero actions, the God of Thunder is both to make sure his home stays safe and learn who has been manipulating certain events over the last couple years (*cough cough, Thanos, cough*). Higher priorities, people.

Even though Thor won’t be swinging his hammer during the third Captain America installment, moviegoers will reunite with him next year in Thor: Ragnarok. Better yet, Hulk, the other hero not invited to the superhero conflict, will be joining him on a journey across the Nine Realms. Thor and Hulk will then reunite with their superhero buddies in the Avengers: Infinity War movies, and while Bruce Banner knows about what’s been going on with Earth’s heroes, Thor will likely be surprised to learn about all the bickering and airport fights he missed. Get the full rundown of Marvel's upcoming movies and their release dates here.

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Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6. Reviews, thus far, have been spectacular. Obviously, those who have seen it are remaining hush hush on the movie's biggest spoilers, but a full description of the movie's post-credits scene has leaked! You can click over to the next page for the specifics. Be warned, there are SPOILERS... The post-credits scene is about Peter Parker. He’s back home in his room messing with his web shooters and talking to his Aunt May. Except these aren’t actually his web shooters, these special ones were made by Tony Stark. Suddenly, one of the web shooters begins to emit a red light which Peter has to hide from his aunt. She’s asking him about a black eye, which he confesses came from a guy named Steve from Brooklyn (we’re not helping you with that one). There’s some banter between the two until Peter has a chance to shine this red light up on the ceiling to see what it is. What we see is the Spider Signal, an image of the classic Spider-Man logo which the wall-crawler uses in the comics to let criminals know that he’s on to them.

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