New Captain America Footage Shows Off Spider-Man's Sense Of Humor

If you’re going to play Spider-Man there are a few things that you need. You need a red-and-blue suit. You need the ability to swing on a spider web. And you need some solid comic timing. Spider-Man’s most defining characteristic is his ability to banter with his enemies while engaged in dangerous combat that one doesn’t really joke about. While the situation in Captain America: Civil War likely isn’t all that dire, it is certainly tense. This doesn’t stop Peter Parker, however, as he’s apparently as thrilled to be here as we are to have him. Check out the newest shot of Spider-Man in the TV ad below.

When Marvel and Sony first began their quest for a new Spider-Man to join the MCU, one of the first things that we learned was that this version of the character was going to be a true teenager. The more we see of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, the more we see how that is playing into the character. He’s just pulled Captain America’s shield right off his arm and he can’t help but stop and tell Cap that he’s a big fan. Spidey goes full fanboy right in the middle of what is otherwise a very stressful moment as these two sides are staring each other down. It probably tells us everything about this character that we really need to know.

The scene is actually a slight variation on the one we saw in the film's final trailer, which showed us Spider-Man for the first time. In this cut, the "Hey Everyone" introduction comes after Spidey has landed with Cap’s shield and even includes a little wave. Iron Man tries to shut the kid down, but it looks like he can’t be deterred. We wouldn't be surprised if he stops to tell everybody on Team Captain America how much he likes them.

This scene matches nicely with one we saw yesterday which includes Spider-Man stopping a punch from The Winter Soldier, then stopping to tell him how cool he thinks the metal arm is. See that again right here:

While we know we’re skipping the origin story for Spider-Man, this time around we’re certainly seeing a kid who’s not used to playing the part, and is certainly new to dealing with other heroes. Seeing Peter Parker’s excitement is contagious. It’s only making us more excited for this movie. It’s also reminding us how much we love all these characters when we see how much he does.

While we don’t really want to see anything more from Captain America: Civil War with the movie so close, everything we see of Spider-Man just makes us want more. What do you think of the wall-crawler so far?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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