I’ve said it time and time again, but it truly bears repeating: James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy remains one of my most anticipated films for the rest of the year. A big part of that excitement is the fact that the movie stars Chris Pratt, a young, extremely talented and charismatic actor who will be donning a red duster and awesome silver mask to play the film’s lead, Peter Quill a.k.a. Star Lord. I’ve been looking forward to his performance ever since he first landed the role all the way back in February of last year, but my expectations grew exponentially when I joined a small group of other journalists to travel to the Guardians of the Galaxy set last year and got the chance to talk with him between takes.

The interview resulted in the reveal of some fascinating and cool facts about the new Marvel Studios movie, so read on to learn what you can expect from Chris Pratt’s performance and the rest of Guardians of the Galaxy!

Guardians of the Galaxy
Freedom From Anticipation And Being Better Than Star Wars
Unlike all of the other heroes who have gotten their own solo films from Marvel Studios, the Guardians of the Galaxy really don’t have any name recognition at all. It’s been predicted by some that this fact could end up hurting the movie’s box office potential, as non-regular movie-goers may be more wary of seeing something based on a property they haven’t heard of. On the other side of that coin, however, that same anonymity also helped Chris Pratt ‘s performance in a very important way.

Going in to play Star-Lord, Pratt wanted the opportunity to really leave his own special, unique mark on the comic book character, and because there aren’t many out there who are obscenely passionate about every single detail of Peter’s personality, the actor felt a certain degree of freedom to explore him within himself. In trying to accomplish this, the star looked to a very understandable role model:

"I think that’s something that Robert Downey Jr. did with Iron Man. He came in and he is Tony Stark… I don’t even know him, so maybe that’s not how he is at all. Maybe he has a British accent and is a totally different person than Tony Stark. But to me it seems like, ‘Robert Downey Jr. is Tony Stark.’"

Beyond just the characters, Pratt also believes that lowered expectations will also help Guardians of the Galaxy in a larger sense, as the film won’t be under the ridiculously high pressure that some other major blockbusters face.

"You think of it like those Star Wars movies that came out, the prequels that came out," he said. "There was a lot of expectations there, and to shoulder a project with preconceived notions, expectations and all these things, it really makes it difficult. It makes it difficult if you spend the whole movie trying to satisfy what people think they know about a character. The first Star Wars didn’t have that problem because it’s all brand new. You just take it for what it is."

"So what I’m saying is that we will be better than Star Wars," Pratt said laughing

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