There was a lot to absorb from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer released on Saturday, from badass shots of Wonder Woman to confirmation that Robin (presumably Jason Todd) is dead in this universe. However, there was one moment that stuck out as…particularly unusual. We see Batman wearing desert-ready Batgear (here’s hoping we get a Scuba Batsuit next) and fighting a group of gun-toting operatives wearing the Superman symbol, the ones we saw in April’s teaser kneeling in front of Superman. Unfortunately for the Dark Knight, his adversaries seem to have the upper hand.

If you want a closer look at the desert suit, photographer Clay Enos, the same guy who shot the first picture of the Batmobile, posted this picture of Ben Affleck in the uniform.

#Repost @cruelfilms ??? That was fun Photo by @clayenos

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Okay, impressive-looking (if not very practical) uniform aside, what is going on in this scene? We know that Batman will fight his costar and deal with normal criminal scum, but nowhere have we heard about him taking his talents to the desert. Also, why are these guys wearing the Superman symbol? Director Zack Snyder didn’t give any context to the scene when he debuted the trailer at Comic-Con, but we have a few ideas on what may be happening in this sequence.

Bad Guys With An Agenda
Bad Guys With An Agenda
Just because they’re wearing the Superman insignia on they uniforms doesn’t mean that these soldiers work for Superman. The Man of Steel doesn’t need for an army, so what are these goons up to? Well, what if these guys are trying to make Superman look bad? This has Lex Luthor written all over it. By slapping the ’S’ shield on armed men and ordering them to cause all sorts of chaos, he perverts that symbol of hope and drives public opinion away from Superman. Luthor wants nothing more than to tear Superman down, but if Earth’s alien adoptee isn’t going to do anything malevolent, then Luthor will take matters into his own hands. Eventually Batman intervenes and tries to take out these guys himself. The only issue with this idea is why they would kneel before Kal-El, but maybe they figure with Superman that close to them, they shouldn’t bother fighting anymore and just submit. It’s not like they stand a chance.

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