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It's been four years since Christopher Guest assembled his friends to make a mockumentary. His last film, For Your Consideration, wasn't as well received as previous outings, such as Best In Show or A Mighty Wind, but the next effort from the troupe has been long-awaited to say the least. Now we finally know what the next film will focus one.

WowWowWow has gotten word that Guest, along with cohorts Harry Shearer and Michael McKean, has decided to make his next film about collectors. Collectors of what? Everything you can think of, from old comic books to "Charles Manson song lyrics written on Kleenex." The site also says that regulars Jane Lynch and Parker Posey are being considered for the project, as is John Michael Higgins (who they mistakenly call "Michael Patrick Higgins," despite the fact that Michael Patrick Higgins died in 2008).

This seems like perfect material for the group, but I do find it curious that Eugene Levy's name is completely absent from the article. In addition to starring in all of Guest's films, Levy has been Guest's writing partner dating back to 1996's Waiting For Guffman. Let's just hope that Levy is still involved and hasn't been forced to do another crappy direct-to-DVD American Pie movie instead.

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