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Christopher McQuarrie has just dreamed up a Star Wars film idea that you’ll immediately scream yes at and start fantasizing about. After being asked by one of his many followers on Twitter, "When will you write a Star Wars?" the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation writer and director simply teased, "When they give me Michael B. Jordan and the Millennium Falcon. #YoungLando" You can check out the glorious Tweet that already deserves to be framed and hung in the Smithsonian below.

Now is the time for the Internet to finally prove its worth and to actually make this a reality. Unfortunately, Michael B. Jordan has yet to respond to Christopher McQuarrie’s succinct Star Wars plot that would see him play a younger version of Billy Dee Williams’ beloved character. But we can only hope that once he sees the Tweet, he immediately jumps on board.

Then there’s just the small matter of convincing Kathleen Kennedy, who is the new president of Lucasfilm and has been tasked with approving the future installments to the Star Wars franchise, that this film needs to happen. But why am I so vehement that Christopher McQuarrie and Michael B. Jordan need to team up for the adventures of the young Lando Calrissian in the Millennium Falcon?

Well, let’s start with Christopher McQuarrie. Not only did McQuarrie’s first ever screenwriting effort for Public Access win the Sundance Film Festival’s Grand Jury Prize back in 1993, but his sophomore effort The Usual Suspects is widely regarded as one of the best films of the last 25 years, as it saw him pick up the Academy Award For Best Original Screenplay.

Since then he’s also done un-credited scriptwriting work on X-Men, written Valkyrie, The Tourist, The Wolverine, Jack The Giant Slayer, and Edge Of Tomorrow, while he’s also written and directed the best installment to the Mission: Impossible franchise, as well as the underrated Jack Reacher. All of his films are infused with smart and relentless action that’s wrapped in a tight and witty script, and they’re just so much fun to watch unfold.

Meanwhile, Michael B. Jordan is the most exciting young actor in Hollywood. While Creed went a long way to salvaging his reputation following The Fantastic Four debacle, he’s still waiting for a role that will truly catapult him into the mainstream consciousness.

Sure, it’s recently been confirmed that he’s playing a villain in Black Panther, which will be exciting to see. But with Lando Calrissian, Jordan’ll be able to wrap his hands around a cult Star Wars character with a truly intriguing backstory to explore, while making him heroic, daring, and packed with charisma and personality.

So listen up Disney and Lucasfilm. Ifs, buts, and maybes simply won’t do. Christopher McQuarrie directing Michael B. Jordan as Lando Calrissian needs to happen. We’ll be waiting.

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