After working side by side for more than a decade, Christopher Nolan and Wally Pfister are going their separate ways-- for now, at least. Pfister is embarking on his directorial debut, assembling the cast for the secretive sci-fi project Transcendence, while Nolan is moving on to his first post-Batman project… the secretive sci-fi project Interstellar. We would expect Pfister to have pretty similar taste to Nolan after working together for so long, but as we've been writing about developments on both films, we've found ourselves mixing them up constantly… as in, every single time we write about it.

But there's no need for us to be confused! As we'll show in this five-point guide below, there is absolutely no reason to get Interstellar and Transcendence confused. They're totally different secret sci-fi project starring men who look great in hats! Allow us to guide you below.

Wally Pfister vs. Christopher Nolan
From the moment we first learned about either of the two projects, it was immediately confusing. The word of Pfister's directorial debut, when it broke last fall was all about "Christopher Nolan's cinematographer," especially since he was keeping the details under wraps and left us nothing else to talk about. When Nolan announced in January that he was taking over Interstellar, the details were similarly vague. So two secretive sci-fi movies directed by people who stood behind the camera on The Dark Knight? Got it. No confusion at all.

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