Yesterday Josh posted some photos of the Red Sonja teaser images featured on the convention floor at Comic Con. Today we’ve got clear-as-a-bell, high-res images of the two posters, each of them showing off Rose McGowan in her flaming-hair, chain-mail bikini glory.

If you thought Rose was hot with the machine gun for a leg in Grindhouse, you pretty much have to check these out. I’m not sure how effective a chain mail bikini is at protecting you from enemy fire, not to mention how comfortable it is, but it definitely has the kind of appeal that comic book guys love. Given how many comic books are dominated by exaggeratedly hot women, Rose McGowan seems to finally be one of those women come to life. The only sad thing is you’ll have to wait until 2009 to see it all up on the screen.

For all of our criminally complete 2008 San Diego Comic Con coverage go here.

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