Unless a couple of studios decide to back down, we may soon find ourselves overstocked with dark twists on the Snow White fairy tale. As previously reported, there are currently no more than three adaptations of the Brothers Grimm story: Disney's Snow White and the Seven, Universal's Snow White and The Huntsman, and Relativity Media's The Brothers Grimm: Snow White. Each project is trying to move ahead quicker than the others, and now two of them are trying to beat each other by finding their perfect Evil Queen.

According to Deadline, both Universal and Relativity are both in hot pursuit of their main baddie, the former in negotiations with Charlize Theron and the latter looking at Julia Roberts. The article also throws in the tidbit that Universal is now high on Michael Fassbender to play the title Huntsman. Theron is also currently reading the script for Clint Eastwood's J. Edgar, meaning that it's possible that she will have a scheduling conflict and be unable to do the film. Snow White and The Huntsman is based on a script by Evan Daughtery and will be directed by Rupert Sanders. The Brothers Grimm: Snow White was written by Melisa Wallack and will be directed by Tarsem Singh.

Insert annoyed groan here. Keeping all of these projects in order is becoming a royal pain in the ass and I continue to sit and wait for the day that one of them decides to back off and get delayed until 2020. Then again, if this year saw the release of Killers, Knight and Day and The Tourist all in the same year, who's to say that they can't make this work? My only request is that they change titles because I can't keep my head on straight anymore.

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