It seems that some franchises just cannot come back from the dead. We live in a world where superhero series dominate above all else, but ironically, the one hero who can’t seem to get out of development hell is undead vigilante The Crow. The gothic superhero has maintained a cult following for the last two decades, with many wondering if the hero will ever find his way back to the silver screen. A new film based onThe Crow has long been rumored, and even recently gained momentum at Relativity Media. However, it now looks like the film may finally be dead and buried.
According to a new report from THR, a newly reorganized Relativity Media has run into some major trouble in their efforts to reboot The Crow. The report indicates that the Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation – who produced the original 1994 version of The Crow – has gone about taking legal action that would prevent Relativity from making any prequels, sequels, or reboots of the 1994 cult classic action film. This legal decision reportedly comes as a result of Relativity Media ditching director Corin Hardy – a decision that Pressman hasn't exactly agreed with.
Back in 2009 Relativity and the Edward R. Pressman Film Company struck a deal that would authorize three new Crow films to go into production. Everything seemed ship shape and ready to go with actor Luke Evans in the titular role, until Relativity made its decision with regards to Corin Hardy. Now things don’t exactly look so good for the gothic vigilante.
The Crow is one of those movies that has gone on to develop a legendary following over the years. It became notorious when actor Brandan Lee – son of martial arts icon Bruce Lee – died in a firearms accident while shooting the movie. The filmmakers managed to finish the film in the wake of Lee’s death, and numerous attempts to revive the franchise over the last two decades have met with little success.
Honestly, it’s difficult to watch a scene like the one below without getting the slightest bit of a chill when we consider what happened behind the scenes:

Many fans will likely rejoice at the concept of The Crow not returning to the silver screen any time soon. While a vocal section of the film’s fan base has most certainly clamored for a remake, prequel, or sequel to the cult classic, an equally vocal number of fans want Hollywood to stay as far away from the project as possible.
For now it seems that the opposition will get their way. Petty much any attempt to go anywhere near The Crow franchise remains dead in the water for the foreseeable future. What do you think? Should The Crow receive another movie, or does the film represent hallowed ground that Hollywood should steer clear of? Let us know what you think in the comments to keep the conversation going.
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