Curious Images From X-Files Sequel

The last X-Files movie featured FBI Agents Mulder and Scully fighting the future. Now if some snagged photos from the X-Files 2 set are to be believed, the agents might be fighting the Underworld – and not the mafia or yakuza either. The Underworld like the one featuring Kate Beckinsale in tight leather.

Confused? So are we. Some images posted by JoBlo featured some sort of werewolf effects in use – and not fantastic ones either. Of course, most of the visuals we think are so amazing in movies look pretty silly out of context, so we’ll reserve judgement, but it looks like Mulder and Scully’s next adventure might pit them against some sort of wolf-creature type thing… or it could be a red herring of sorts.

The big disappointing news is that JoBlo was forced to pull the pics by Fox, so there’s nothing to see there… that is, unless you’re really perceptive (test your powers of observation here). Still, hopefully a trailer or something will be forthcoming soon for the movie that will explain why we’re seeing werewolves on the X-Files set.