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DC's Booster Gold Movie May Be Plucking Some Key Flash TV Talent

A while back there was talk about how Arrow and The Flash executive producer Greg Berlanti would be directing a Booster Gold / Blue Beetle film. While that news faded into the background, it's about to be brought back to the forefront, and in a big way. Not only is Berlanti being mentioned as filling the director's chair again, he's also got a recent writer from DC Television coming on board with him.

Birth. Death. Movies picked up on the news that Berlanti, the man who runs the DC Television Universe, is still in the running to direct the DC Comics film, with writer Zack Stentz taking on story duties. Stentz is a recent entrant into the DC Universe, with his pen being the one that wrote last night's Kevin Smith directed episode of The Flash, "The Runaway Dinosaur." This news comes on the heels of Stentz's episode ranking in as an emotional, yet thrilling, hour of television, which only helps bolster his already impressive resume that includes the screenplays to Thor and X-Men: First Class.

Indeed, Zack Stentz's background is made of material that Booster Gold, or any other DC Comic film, could use. In his original form, Booster Gold, real name Michael Jon Carter, came from a rough background – which saw him disgraced in his original 25th Century timeline. It wasn't until a heist put him in touch with one of Rip Hunter's Time Spheres that Michael went back to the 20th Century, and tried to pull a Biff Tannen by using future knowledge for past gain. So already, the project's story is set with Stentz as the scribe, considering he's dealt with cocky people learning to use their powers with a dash of humility.

Of course, there's a good amount of family drama involved with the Booster Gold mythos, which is where Greg Berlanti's experience comes in handy. Not only has he worked his magic as the executive producer of DC's televised projects, he's also directed the film Life As We Know It, as well as the pilot episode to the politically themed family drama Political Animals. While his experience as a director may be limited, Berlanti has had enough exposure to the DC Universe to become a sort of old hand when it comes to handling the tone and flow of comic book adaptations. So if anything, his extensive experience with the DC Comics brand is another sterling vote of confidence.

If the rumors are true and Booster Gold's drafting of Greg Berlanti and Zack Stentz is a reaction to the public outcry against Zack Snyder's handling of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, then it's a pretty smart reaction. By mixing in some of the folks behind the rather successful television universe into the talent pool of the cinematic universe, it shows that both Warner Bros and DC Comics are looking to do right by their fans. Or, at the very least, it proves that even a major Hollywood studio will admit its wrong when a director has put the fans off of their work in a most effective manner.

Booster Gold doesn't have a production date, or a proposed release date, just yet. However, as soon as we hear any new information, you'll be the first to know!

Mike Reyes
Mike Reyes

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