Daniel Radcliffe Heading To Florida For My Fair Lidy?

This is such an unlikely rumor I’m letting you know how unlikely it is right off the bat: pretty unlikely. Now you know there’s almost no chance in the world that Daniel Radcliffe is about to shoot a movie in Florida called My Fair Lidy. No, that wasn’t a typo, and yes I guess there's still a chance.

The rumor comes from the Orlando Sentinel where they’ve received an announcement from a casting director whom they believe to be legit and on the level. That announcement says MB Casting, Inc., in conjunction with Sand Woman Productions is in vaguely defined “pre-production talks” with soon to be former Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe to show up in this strangely titled film when it’s shot in Florida this winter.

If true, My Fair Lidy would be about a lot of things, most of which are also sort of vaguely defined. The movie’s executive producer claims it broaches “many subjects”, which probably isn’t the best way to pitch your movie to a big Hollywood star. You have to wonder how far along these “pre-production talks” actually are. But they say the film tackles topics “which include unemployment and how Americans use their wits and self determination to find a way to not only support themselves, but to live the American Dream. Through comedy, this film will make the audience take notice of a very unlikely hero, who just happens to be gay.” Whether Radcliffe would be playing this “happens to be gay hero” remains utterly unclear. As unclear as this report's validity.

Should My Fair Lidy actually exist, it's written and directed by people no one has heard of, which seems pretty suspicious. But Radcliffe has shown an affinity for strange, marginally obscure projects in the past (though not this obscure and not this indie). You never know. For now, keep this story in your circular file.

Josh Tyler