The Dark Knight Rises Casts Two More In Brett Cullen And Chris Ellis

UPDATE: Writing up the story, it has been revealed that Cullen will be playing a judge while Ellis will be a priest.

The sea of recognizable faces in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises has increased again. Just last week it was announced that Matthew Modine, Tom Conti and Joey King had joined the cast and now Variety's Jeff Sneider, via his Twitter account, is reporting that Chris Ellis and Brett Cullen have joined the ranks as well. Both acting since the late 1970s and each with more than 100 movies and television shows on their records, this will actually only be the second time that Ellis and Cullen have starred in the same film, both of them appearing in Ron Howard's Apollo 13.

We've known for years now that Christopher Nolan has no plans to make a Batman movie beyond The Dark Knight Rises and it truly appears that he's going for broke with this one. I'm beginning to wonder if there are even enough lines to go around. If not, I say that they should get Sean Penn to play "Dirty Homeless Man #5", Johnny Depp to be "Masked Arkham Inmate" and Brad Pitt for "Random Jogger."

Eric Eisenberg
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