The Dark Knight Rises First Look: Catwoman Straddles A Motorcycle

Apparently sick of all the leaked set photos that have given us our first look at Tom Hardy's Bane and a pivotal fight scene in The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. has gone ahead and released a high-res, gorgeous image of the movie's next big villain-- Catwoman. Below get your first look at Anne Hathaway in costume and riding a giant motorcycle. Since she's bent over the motorcycle there's a lot of the costume we can't see, but there's plenty of black leather to be glimpsed anyway. Check out the image and click on it for a bigger version.

The Catwoman costume is something Batman fans have stressed over, both because she's a pivotal character and because the character's costume has gone through some truly miserable incarnations over the year (Halle Berry, we're still not really over this. Back in June we heard from a source close to the costume designer that Hathaway's Catwoman outfit would be "more tactical," that she'd be wearing the classic Catwoman goggles and would look "more like a robber." We can see all of that here, especially since Catwoman seems to be mid-robbery and wearing the goggles. She also seems to have gone full Jersey Shore and gotten a Bump-It for her hair, which seems a little impractical for a heist scene, but I'll let her back her own decisions there.

The one thing I'm hoping is that there's something to the outfit that actually indicates a cat-- otherwise we've just got a leather-clad robber woman with no visual connection to the classic character. Beyond that, Hathaway seems to fit perfectly into the Nolan Batman universe-- particularly since her motorcycle seems to be from the same DNA as the Batpod. The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20 next year; for everything we know about the movie so far, go here.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend