The countdown at Operation Early Bird, founded yesterday as a viral site for The Dark Knight Rises, has finally ended, revealing not a new trailer, as some had hoped, but an opportunity to RSVP to an early screening of the six-minute prologue for the film that will play in front of IMAX screenings of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol.

Of course that took a while-- the countdown at Operation Early Bird sat at 0 for a solid 10 minutes, thanks to server overload problems that even Batman couldn't solve. Finally the site revealed a map of the IMAX theater locations where the preview will be shown. The viral worked in tandem with the official site, which had been turned into nothing but an audio player that played radio signals, occasional chiming music, and a voice reading out a series of numbers that turned out to be coordinates. Entering the coordinates would give you access to book tickets at certain IMAX theaters across the country and in England-- but for December 13, three days before Mission: Impossible opens on IMAX. Click on the map image below to RSVP yourself. And no, you don't need the coordinate to get through to reserve a ticket.

So all that countdown was to promote something we already knew would happen, and something that at least a few people have already seen? I'll let you guys decide whether or not that's a disappointment. For more on The Dark Knight Rises, including trailers and official images, visit the Blend Film Database. The movie comes to theaters July 20, 2012.

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