Dark Tide Poster Features Bikini-Clad Halle Berry And A Shark

Oh how the might have fallen. Almost precisely 10 years ago Halle Berry was celebrating a monumental Oscar win for her harrowing performance in the heralded drama Monster's Ball. Now, after being largely absent from the cinema for the past several years, she returns with Dark Tide, the latest sea-set feature from John Stockwell, the director of Blue Crush and Into the Blue. And from the looks of this poster, courtesy of IMPAwards, she's about as excited about this nautical adventure as we are.

In Dark Tide Berry stars as Kate Mathieson, an intrepid diver and shark expert who realizes her husband's priorities when the pair suffer a life-threatening encounter with the fearsome great whites who prowl the coast of the remote Guadalupe Island. A year later, their relationship is fiercely strained when a monsoon tests their will to survive as well as their devotion to each other. Olivier Martinez (Unfaithful) co-stars as Berry's onscreen husband.

Dark Tide will hit VOD on March 8th with a theatrical run following on March 30th.

Based on the poster and the director, Dark Tide looks like its an awful piece of shark-horror that's too late to ride the sub-genre's most recent wave of popularity. But hey, the news isn't all bad for Berry. After Dark Tide, which will likely be another blemish on her filmography, she'll co-star in the Wachowski siblings' next sci-fi epic Cloud Atlas, alongside Tom Hanks and Hugo Weaving. Here she seems to be the center of one of the fractured feature's six concurrent story lines, and may even play a couple more roles within the highly anticipated film. Plus there's no word of sharks or bikinis playing a part in that one. See, things are looking up!

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.