Is David Hasselhoff Really In The Baywatch Remake? Here's What We Know

One of the most popular TV series the world has ever known is on the verge of getting its own movie adaptation. Whenever a remake or reboot happens, it’s not uncommon for the stars of the original project to get a role in the new one. Sometimes the student becomes a teacher. Other times, it may just be a cameo. Fans of the original love to see the people that made the property famous take their big screen bow. So why hasn’t anybody called David Hasselhoff about the Baywatch movie?

When it was first announced that a Baywatch movie was being worked on, it was reported that The Hoff would have a cameo role in the movie. Since then a lot of things have changed behind the scenes and while the movie has continued to move forward, with casting announcements made as recently as last week, nobody has spoken with Germany’s favorite pop star about it.

I am not sure. I called [producer Ivan] Reitman about a year ago, when there were different stars in it… He said, 'If it goes, we're definitely going to put you in it.' And I said, 'Send me a script.' So far I haven't heard a word.

Baywatch was a ridiculously successful TV show all over the world, because pretty girls in swimsuits work in any language, and the idea of turning it into a movie has been on the drawing board for years. Bill Hader had been previously attached to star in the movie directed by Reno 911’s Robert Ben Garant. However, over the last few years a lot has changed. About a year ago it was announced that Dwayne Johnson was taking over as both a producer and the lead. Since then the ball has continued to slowly roll down the beach, as Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, and Kelly Rohrbach are now also attached to the film.

Over the course of the film’s development, there have been multiple attempts at a script, so it’s likely that the one that Ivan Reitman was referring to is no longer being used. Hopefully there’s still a place for David Hasselhoff to join in. Reitman is still listed as a producer on the project, so hopefully he remembers telling the former Mitch Buchannon that there was a role for him. One does not simply edit out The Hoff. Check out his complete comments to USA Today below.

Does a Baywatch movie need David Hasselhoff or would he simply be an added bonus? Let us know what you think below.

Dirk Libbey
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