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David Lynch To Act In Daughter Jennifer's Thriller A Fall From Grace

Though it would be impossible for Jennifer Lynch’s career to perfectly mimic that of her father David Lynch, the amount of eccentricities is similar. The most bizarre love story ever, 1993’s Boxing Helena, wasn’t followed up for fifteen years until 2008’s Surveillance, and since then she’s been fairly consistent in releasing non-critical darlings that retain the darkness of her father’s work with few of the quirky nightmarish qualities.

The two delightfully demented worlds will be colliding now that David Lynch has signed on to appear in A Fall From Grace, Jennifer Lynch’s next thriller. The Hollywood Reporter states the elder Lynch will play the father of the lead character, a St. Louis homicide detective tracking down a serial killer. The detective is to be played by the ever-dependable Tim Roth. Paz Vega (Madagascar 3) and Willow Shields (The Hunger Games) have also been added to the cast, which also boasts Vincent D’Onofrio, who was in Jennifer’s last feature Chained.

Jennifer’s first foray into the film world, an Eraserhead cameo when she was young, was edited out of the film, so this gives her a chance to cut him out of one of her films, though she probably isn’t still holding a grudge. The choice to sign him sounds more sincere than that.

"I didn’t write the role with him in mind," Jennifer says, "but I was thinking of him because he calls up so many powerful and yet fragile elements in my life and because this character is strong but broken down by dementia. So for me, it’s perfect." And her father sounds just as game, promising, “I will be putty in Jen’s hands.”

A Fall From Grace is expected to be filming this summer.

Nick Venable
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