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Death Has No Shame - Final Destination Gets Another Sequel

Death is clearly an incompetent buffoon. For three Final Destination movies, the Grim Reaper has screwed up the killing of attractive teens and has been forced to hunt them down and kill them with razor wire or falling sheets of glass. Not content to let a mildly profitable franchise, ahem, die, New Line is getting Final Destination 4 ready. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that they even have a director, David R. Ellis.

Ellis is probably best known for directing Snakes on a Plane, which everyone was excited about but no one actually wanted to watch. Actually, Ellis is a bit of a Renaissance Man. He was an actor for awhile, worked as a stuntman and stunt coordinator for almost 20 years, and has been the second unit director for a lot of big name movies including the first Harry Potter. He also directed Final Destination 2, so he is familiar with gruesomely killing the attractive youth of our country. Final Destination 2 writer Eric Bress is also back with the screenplay, which he hopefully turned in before hitting the picket line.

No details of the plot have been released. Let’s just take a wild guess and say a group of attractive teens narrowly avert death when one of them has a premonition that something bad will happen. Then most of them die horribly throughout the next, oh, 80 to 90 minutes. It will be the first Final Destination movie in 3-D, so get ready for death to come right at YOU.