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Demi Moore And Simon Baker Exchange Words In Margin Call Clip

Set to premiere in theaters this Friday is Margin Call, a film that follows a crucial day at an investment firm just as the 2008 financial crisis was getting started. Based on the subject matter, and this clip we have to show you,movie-goers should probably expect a fairly tense tone from the film.

Part of the description for the movie states that an entry-level analyst uncovers information that could bring down the whole firm, resulting in major more and ethical decisions needing to be made by the people involved. Among the excellent cast are Demi Moore and Simon Baker, both of whom are featured in the clip below (originally posted by Apple (opens in new tab)), which shows them sharing words in a very tense scene that takes place (for the most part) in an elevator.

I like that, while Moore and Baker’s characters barely seem to notice that the cleaning woman is standing between them, the camera is focused on her for most of the scene, even zooming in enough to crop out part of Moore and Baker’s heads. It sort of makes you wonder how much information that woman, and other people on staff in that building hear on a daily basis.

Margin Call opens in theaters on Friday, October 21st. More on the film here

Kelly West
Kelly West

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