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Did Mark Zuckerberg Buy Out A Theater For A Social Network Screening?

Earlier this week, our own Josh Tyler wrote an article titled "Why Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg Should Like The Social Network." The argument he makes is that, while perhaps not a 100% accurate portrayal of the events, Zuckerberg actually comes across as a sympathetic character who you can actually admire. It's quite possible that he took notice. Via his Twitter account, New York Times columnist David Carr is reporting that a "gd source" has informed him of Zuckerberg renting out a theater for himself and his Facebook employees to see the new David Fincher film.

For all of the antagonistic back and fourth between the Facebook founders and The Social Network over the past few months, the truth is that the site really should be supporting the film. Zuckerberg truly doesn't come off nearly as bad as everyone anticipated and, by the end, actually earns the audience's respect. Not only should Zuckerberg not leave this kind of story to a nameless source and a Tweet, but he should change his opinion entirely and post a memo on the front page of Facebook. It's honestly the best PR move he could make.

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