ET, Clueless And National Lampoon's Vacation Casts Among EW's Movie Reunion Photos

Once again, Entertainment Weekly has brought the casts of various memorable films and TV shows back together for a reunion photo shoot. Wondering what the cast of Clueless looks like today? Or how the original Griswold family is looking? Check out some of the pictures from the issue ahead!

Just the other day we shared one of the covers of the issue, which features the cast of Arrested Development reunited. Of course, we'll see the Bluths reunited next year when Netflix premieres the anticipated fourth season of the beloved comedy series. So there's more of that cast to come. The same can't be said for the movies featured in EW's third annual reunion issue, which is ok. No one's asking for an ET sequel. But it's great to see Drew Barrymore, Steven Spielberg and Henry Thomas reunited and looking very happy to be in each other's company (image removed).

Points to Thomas for not only getting back on the bike, but for sporting a red hoodie reminiscent of the one Elliot wore. The cast of National Lampoon's Vacation is also looking good. Community fans see plenty of Chevy Chase thanks to the NBC series, but it's great to see him back in the company of his on-screen wife Ellen (Beverly D'Angeleo) and the original Audrey and Rusty, Dana Barron and Anthony Michael Hall.

Wally World, here they come! And here's the cast of Clueless. Featured in the photo are Stacey Dash (Dionne), Breckin Meyer (Travis), Donald Faison (Murray), Alicia Silverstone (Cher), Justin Walker (Christian) and Elisa Donovan (Amber).

Who's missing? Paul Rudd and Jeremy Sisto. ("God, Elton, can't you suck?!") Sisto's currently starring on ABC's Subrugatory, which is due to premiere its second season this month. And Rudd has a lengthy list of feature projects coming up, among which is This is 40, which is due out later this year.

Also missing is Brittany Murphy, who unfortunately passed away in 2009. Murphy made a name for herself in various films following Clueless, but I'm sure many of us will her remember her best for playing the adorably ditzy new-girl Tai in the 1995 comedy. EW has other cast reunions posted on their website, including Some Kind of Wonderful, Breaking Away and the Boba Fetts from Star Wars. And EW's selling the Reunion Issue online here.

Kelly West
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