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Every actor probably has a role they'd like to play, in some fantasy world where there was limitless money to fund it and any movie they made would instantly make millions. For Janet Jackson, that role is apparently Eartha Kitt. The singer/actress told Jet Magazine recently (via Digital Spy) that she was friends with the late Catwoman, and that Kitt told her that Jackson would be her choice to play her in a theoreticaly biopic.

"She had expressed wanting me to portray her and was excited about the idea of me portraying her in a film. If that's really going to happen, I'm not quite sure, but I hope it does. What an icon. She had gone through so much - not just her adulthood, but her childhood."

Kitt was born poor in South Carolina, conceived by what she believed was rape, and moved to New York City as a child, where she started as a singer before starting a stage career thanks to Orson Welles. She led a fascinating life, that's for sure, and a biopic about her would be welcome. But will it ever actually happen? And does Janet Jackson actually have the clout to nab the starring role? That's where conversations like this move back into fantasy territory.

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