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Director Fernando Meirelles is best known for critically adored films like The Constant Gardner, which never really find all that much of an audience with the rank and file. Maybe he’ll have better luck wooing the common man with his next movie, 360, since it’s sort of a sex movie which might involve Rachel Weisz and Anthony Hopkins.

Except it’s based on a play by Arthur Schnitzler which is heavy on scrutinizing sex and probably in Meirelles hands, light on actual orgies. Maybe that’s for the best because while most wouldn’t mind seeing Rachel Weisz in a sex movie I think we’re all better off not watching Eminem and Frances McDormand sweating their way through a bunch of bedsheets. According to Production Weekly the two otherwise unrelated actors are in talks to join the cast.

Frances McDormand’s acting credentials are well known and, whether she’s asked to get naked or not, she’s a top notch addition to pretty much anything anyone might be filming. Eminem on the other hand hasn’t acted since 8 Mile back in 2002, and while he was excellent there, it might have been mostly because he was playing himself. He may be the world’s greatest rapper, but we’re still waiting for firm evidence that he’s rap’s answer to Justin Timberlake. 360 could be his chance to show 8 Mile wasn’t a fluke. Note to Meirelles: As long as you’ve got the world’s greatest rapper, get him to do the soundtrack.

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