Emma Thompson Cut From Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Whenever a book is translated into a movie, there are casualties. That’s especially been true of the Harry Potter series, where more than one beloved character from the books has failed to make it into the movies. The list of characters who will go missing from the next movie Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is already growing, and it even includes some characters who have already been in the other movies.

Most notably the site Snitchseeker says that Hogwarts Divination professor Sybill Trelawney, played by Emma Thompson in the previous movies, will not be in Half-Blood Prince. They got it straight from Emma Thompson’s agent, and the guys at LR go on to confirm it further saying they’ve heard the same from a studio representative.

Already supposedly cut from this sixth Harry Potter movie are supposed to be characters like Fleur, Bill, Percy, the Gaunts, Trelawney, and Hepzibah Smith. Add Trelawney to the list, and try not to get all whiny when she doesn’t show up in the movie. Books aren’t the same as movies. There will be changes. A round of Harry Potter fan hugs, and you’ll all be able to handle it.

Josh Tyler