This year marks the 20th anniversary of the cult coming-of-age film Empire Records. For those who were fans of the ragtag group of record store employees, it was an epic look into the 90s lives we all secretly wish we were living. Each character was their own brand of weird, yet cool, yet misunderstood, yet an all-around awesome person to be around. And who wouldn’t love a movie where the big move to save the day (and the store) culminates in an epic party?--with of course a rock band jamming on top of the roof, because we aren’t watching a 90s movie unless it ends on that note.

As the center of this film revolves around a group of teenagers, we’re left wondering what happened in their adult lives. Did Corey get to Harvard (and nix her drug habits)? Did A.J. become the quarter-glueing artist we would never understand? And what about Gina? She had to be a rock star at this point. Unfortunately, we will just have to leave it up to the imagination as to where our favorite characters ended up. As for the actors who portrayed them though, they had some interesting lives ahead.

Anthony LaPaglia (Joe Reaves)
Anthony LaPaglia had already had a number of TV and film credits under his belt when he appeared in Empire Records. But it was afterwards that the actor’s career started to really take off. He is widely recognized nowadays for his Golden Globe-winning role as FBI agent Jack Malone on Without a Trace, and also appeared on a number of Frasier episodes, which he scored an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for. In the past couple years, the Australian actor starred in the adaptation of Stephen King’s A Good Marriage and starred in a few TV pilots that unfortunately weren’t picked up, but LaPaglia still is going strong.

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