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Ender's Game Trailer To Debut Ahead Of Star Trek Into Darkness

After yesterday's exciting teaser poster for Ender's Game, we're left to wonder when Summit will show us some finished footage of the film, which is set to arrive in theaters November 1. It looks like we'll be waiting until the second half of May for the first trailer's release, as producer Roberto Orci has confirmed that the trailer will arrive ahead of Star Trek Into Darkness, which releases May 17.

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As eager as fans are to see the trailer, I'm sure, J.J. Abrams' Star Trek follow-up is probably as close to the targeted audience as Summit can get for Ender Games' first trailer, given the timing, especially if they're looking to start building the buzz for the adaptation by rallying a generation or two's worth of sci-fi fans who have read Orson Scott Cards' novel. (opens in new tab)

The new poster seems to enforce that theory. Rather than a tagline at the top, the poster says "The critically acclaimed bestseller becomes a worldwide motion picture event." It's a bit wordy and bland, when crowning a hero shot of Ender Wiggin facing the zero gravity battle room. But it does directly remind people that this is an adaptation of a beloved sci-fi book. There's a good chance Star Trek fans know that, and if not, many of them likely would be eager to check it out if the trailer looks good.

But we also know that Summit moved the original March 2013 release date to November to get the film closer to the release of Catching Fire, so we might expect to see their later promotions targeting the young-adult genre fan base once Fall approaches.

Ender's Game centers on a boy who's sent to a space-set battle school where kids play games and study to train for an approaching war against aliens. The film is directed by Gavin Hood and stars Asa Butterfield as Ender. Harrison Ford plays Colonel Graff, Ben Kingsley is Mazer Rackham, Hailee Steinfeld plays Petra, Abigail Breslin is Ender's sister Valentine, and Aramis Knight plays Bean. The film arrives in theaters November 1.

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