Nearly three weeks ago, Marvel released Ant-Man, their smallest adventure yet… well, more literally than figuratively, anyway. Not only was this Marvel’s last film of 2015, but it’s also the last entry in Marvel's Phase Two film slate, which began in 2013 with Iron Man 3. Marvel will kick off Phase Three next year with Captain America: Civil War, and this next block of films will end in 2019 with Inhumans. Of course, while all these films feature heroes as protagonists, they wouldn’t be exciting without a villain causing chaos.

Now that Phase Two is completed, we’ve decided to take a look at how every major antagonist Marvel has featured over the last seven years ranks, from the ones we simply can’t get enough of to the folks who we’re glad will never return. Keep in mind that while there are a variety of secondary villains in this universe (Winter Soldier, Nebula and Justin Hammer being among of my favorites), this list is only focusing on the lead adversaries that have been featured on the big screen. Let’s take a look!

12. Malekith
12. Malekith
Thor: The Dark World’s main antagonist is about as cookie cutter of a villain as you can get. Like most of the people on this list, Christopher Eccleston’s acting was by no means bad. But Malekith’s generic plan to achieve vast power simply so he can destroy everything is unimaginative and boring. It harkens back to the mustache-twirling bad guys of yesteryear rather than the complicated evildoers audiences prefer nowadays. Making matters worse is the fact that his personality is practically nonexistent, and when his own ship is crashing down on him at the end of the movie, we feel the same about him as the rocks and other things being crushed: nothing. These may be harsh words, but that’s why he gets last place on this list.

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