Summit has released two new images from the forthcoming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 2, but if you're hoping to see something surprising or even all that new, you'll have to look elsewhere. Though the teaser trailer gave us a brief glimpse of Bella's life as a vampire, these two images stick very, very much to familiar territory, with one shot of Jacob looking very…. Jacob-like, and then Edward and Bella standing around looking as dull and well-coiffed as ever. See the two images below and see what I mean-- click on them to see the high-res versions.

OK, fine-- Bella now has the distinctive eyes of a vampire, with a tinge of redness that indicates she's hungry for blood. We saw her hunting in the teaser trailer, so it seems safe to assume that newly converted vampires are hungrier than your regular kind, especially the ones like Edward and his family who have carefully trained themselves to only crave animal blood. Maybe Bella is like the vampire equivalent of a newborn, constantly hungry and wanting more? Yes, I am totally making this up, because I have not read the books, but I've gleaned a surprising amount of information about how these vampires work thanks to the movies. Never claim Stephenie Meyer hasn't taught you anything.

Breaking Dawn- Part 2 opens November 16, marking the long-awaited conclusion of the Twilight franchise, which Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are already celebrating by taking on high-class movies like Cosmopolis or On the Road, and which Taylor Lautner is celebrating by… pretending Abduction was a giant hit? Anyway, you know by now if you're going to see the movie or not, and these images-- looking practically like they could be from any of the other movies-- probably aren't going to change that.

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