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Everything Wrong With Guardians Of The Galaxy In One Video

If you're a big fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, you should be warned: the following video and latest installment of Cinema Sins is going to nit-pick the hell out of Marvel Studios' most recent blockbuster:

Guardians of the Galaxy may have been one of Marvel’s biggest successes, but not even it is immune to criticism. Just as they have with other popular films (including many superhero flicks), the folks at Cinema Sins have picked the intergalactic blockbuster as the next subject punching bag. Make no mistake - they’re just as merciless with Guardians of the Galaxy as they are with everything else, so don’t expect a soft approach to our ragtag group of heroes and their adversaries.

In about 15 minutes, Guardians tallies up a total of 113 "sins" in the video. For the most part, these "flaws" are minor nit-picks. The major complaints are towards the standard movie tropes, such as when people show up at the exact time they’re needed, or when overly-expositional dialogue is used that tells the viewer rather than shows them. There are a few legitimate issues pointed out, such as how the Power Stone is left unguarded and how Thanos wasn't really exactly needed for the film. Peter Quill’s Walkman also gets quite a bit of scorn. Guys, he lives with aliens! He has access to technology that can easily replaces AA batteries and keep a tape from wearing down. That's an easy one.

Two of the videos biggest targets are Star-Lord and Ronan. Concerning our main character, most of the issues directed towards him are the vague parameters of his half-alien genetics, which aren't even revealed until the end of the movie. As for Ronan, when he does eventually get a hold of the Power Stone, he doesn’t unleash its full potential on the heroes, despite having multiple opportunities to do so. Granted, that would mean that the protagonists get wiped out instantly, but if you obtained a power source that was capable of annihilating a planet, wouldn’t you use its power to instantly destroy your enemies rather than push them back a little bit?

To prove that he’s not heartless, the man in the video takes off one sin for how awesome Groot was giving that little girl the flower, which most of the film’s audience can probably agree with. He later takes off an an additional five sins for Groot’s smiling face after taking out Ronan’s soldiers. Admittedly, that was a great reaction.

Regardless of these "sins," this video is hardly likely to ruin anyone’s enjoyment of the film. If it did, you probably weren’t too keen on Guardians of the Galaxy already. If you want to re-watch the film to spot these mistakes for yourself, the Marvel Studios film is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and for digital download.

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