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X-Men: Days Of Future Past Gets A Huge Middle Finger In This 14-Minute Rant

Not only has X-Men: Days of Future Past been a critical and commercial success since its release in May, the film set the franchise on a new path that will gives us offerings like X-Men: Apocalypse, Deadpool and Gambit. However, not even this film can escape criticism, and as you’ll see in the video above, Cinema Sins has plenty to rant about with the seventh X-Men installment.

At 14 minutes, the movie chalked up 132 sins from the folks at Cinema Sins. Whoa, talk about overkill! It’s nothing personal, X-Men. These guys point out the flaws in any movie they can get their hands on. Still, despite a lot of nitpicking (we get it, we’ve seen some of these things in other movies), the video does point out legitimate plot issues.

Although Wolverine’s intervention reset the film’s timeline, that doesn’t explain inconsistencies with the characters in the original, Sentinel-infested period? Wolverine was stripped of the adamantium on his claws in The Wolverine, so how did they get recoated? How is Profesor Xavier alive (not everyone saw that post-credits scene)? Since when is sending people’s minds back in time a byproduct of phasing through walls? The movie could have taken the time to answer these questions, but whatever, that timeline’s been erased. Oh, and there’s also the fact that most of future X-Men only serve as fodder for multiple Sentinel slaughters. Seriously guys, you bring back Hale Berry just to be a night guard?

Then there’s the fact that events in the past don’t always line up. The serum Hank uses to keep his fur in check also just happens to fix Charles’ spine, Erik is able to manipulate a bullet to hit Mystique but wasn’t able to stop the bullet that killed JFK, Mystique’s shapeshifting somehow holds the key to Sentinel power replication, the list goes on. The biggest sin is that Charles, Erik and Logan didn’t keep Quicksilver on their team. Things would have wrapped up much quicker (pun fully intended) if they used him for more than just the prison break.

Still, as the video indelicately puts it, "this entire movie is just an excuse to wipe out half the movies [the franchise] produced." That’s rather harsh, but true. While it did give audiences a fun time-travel romp which mixed the old and new casts, this movie’s primary purpose was to erase the less-than-stellar moments of certain past movies (‘cough’ ‘cough’ The Last Stand and Origins ‘cough’). It accomplished its goal, and now the franchise can continue on with a relatively clean slate. Although, given that X-Men: Apocalypse takes place in the early 1980s and everyone is alive and well in the future, that does make the eventual showdown with the Egyptian mutant somewhat anticlimactic.

If you feel the need to see what’s wrong with the movie in your own viewing, X-Men: Days of Future Past is now available on Bu-Ray and DVD, or you can wait for the extended edition coming out next year. As humorous as this video was, just remember the movie is good ol’ fashioned blockbuster entertainment, so no one will fault you for suspending belief for several hours. Oh, and props to these guys for taking five sins off for the Quicksilver kitchen scene. Yeah, it was that great.

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