Exclusive Interview: Gentlemen Broncos' Halley Feiffer

Full disclosure: Halley Feiffer and I went to college together, where we crossed paths working on a handful of student films and plays, and ran into each other at a lot of parties. But don't think that's a problem as you go into watching my video interview with her below. In fact, knowing Halley a little allowed me to ask all kinds of fun questions that I wouldn't get to otherwise, talking about her career both on film and on the stage, her continued friendship with her Squid and the Whale co-star Jesse Eisenberg (she does a hilarious impression of him), and what it's like to be a star in a new studio movie while living in a cheap Brooklyn apartment.

Halley, who plays the nutty sci-fi writer Tabatha in Gentlemen Broncos, had first major film role in Squid and the Whale while she was still enrolled at Wesleyan, and has spent her post-college years taking occasional acting roles (she's also featured briefly in The Messenger, out later this year) as well as writing and starring in plays running Off-Broadway in New York. We talked about all of it, in a way that I think is more open and honest than most of these interviews tend to be. You can see Halley in Gentlemen Broncos, which opened last weekend and will likely be expanding into wider release at some point. Check out our conversation below.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend