Fantastic Four's Doctor Doom Really Wants To Get Into The Marvel Cinematic Universe

In just a few weeks, comic book movie fans around the globe will be able to see Toby Kebbell’s brand new version of Doctor Doom go toe-to-toe with the likes of the new Fantastic Four. As seen in decades and decades of comics, that should be a pretty great match-up, but the truth is that Kebbell actually already has his eyes set on even bigger fish. He really wants in on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and, what’s more, he wants the opportunity to kick Thor’s ass.

Prior to the 20th Century Fox panel at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday, I had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with the British actor, and it was towards the end of our chat that he expressed his interest in finding his way into the same big screen world as The Avengers. Leading up to a question about his future within the new potential Fantastic Four franchise, I noted that Doctor Doom is really the main villain of Marvel’s first family, and it was at this point that Kebbell jumped in to say that he’s "pretty much the Marvel villain." He continued,

You know he destroys Thor. He punches up all those people. I don’t know what the political… I can’t get into this. You’re going to write this, and I’m going to get destroyed. They’re going to sue me, but look: can someone at Marvel and someone at Fox talk, and with Doom, just lend him out, like football? You can have him for the World Cup, that’s it! Then just let me go - let me go and destroy Thor, for goodness sake. I’d love to work with those boys.

Of course, Toby Kebbell isn’t the first actor in the Fox family of comic book films to request that some kind of deal be made between Marvel Studios at 20th Century Fox to allow some interaction. It was just a few months ago that Hugh Jackman – the actor best known for playing Wolverine – went on record saying that he would love to see some kind of crossover between the two worlds. In an age where Sony can sign a deal with Marvel to get Spider-Man swinging in the MCU, anything seems kind of possible.

Of course, the idea of Doctor Doom going to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a concept that surely every comic book fan on Earth can get behind. One only needs to look at the current run of Marvel comics – where Doom has ascended to godhood and has run of the entire universe – to understand the character’s incredible importance on beyond the world of the Fantastic Four. My fingers have been crossed for years hoping that Fox and Marvel will work out some kind of deal to let the characters come together, and they’re not coming apart any time soon.

You’ll be able to see Tony Kebbell’s Doctor Doom on the big screen when Fantastic Four arrives in theaters on August 7th.

Eric Eisenberg
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