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The Fast & Furious franchise is supposed to be fun. With fast cars, beautiful women, insane stunts and chaotic action, the movies are supposed to be fun escapes. Unfortunately, the death of co-lead actor Paul Walker flipped the script on Fast & Furious 7 and pushed the production into a much darker territory. Thanks to the help of Walker’s brothers and a can-do spirit, however, the franchise is emerging from the darkness and ready to start having fun again, which is probably why they’re giving fans a really fun cameo.

You know Iggy Azalea? Yes, you know who she is. She’s in the fast lane from LA to Tokyo (NSFW)

Yeah, that girl. Well, she apparently brought her charm, rapping skills and physical presence to the set of Fast & Furious 7, where she shot some kind of footage. Exactly what sort of role she’ll play is unclear, but Vin Diesel told MTV, it was a "cameo", which sounds about right. There’s rarely any harm shoehorning in a celebrity, but if you’re going to give them a substantial role, you need to know they can act.

Like this guy…

Once celebrities achieve a certain level of success and fame in their own industries, they tend to be bombarded with opportunities to do other things. United States Men’s National Soccer Team captain Clint Dempsey just dropped a rap album. Talk radio legend Howard Stern played the lead character in an underrated biopic about his own rise to fame. Even Kim Kardashian landed a role in a Tyler Perry movie. None of these people were able to net as much success in their side careers, but I’m sure every single one of them had a hell of a lot of fun.

We still have to wait until April 3rd for Fast & Furious 7 to hit theaters. Expect anticipation to be at a fever pitch at this point, especially after the franchise drops its first trailer and fans get a reminder of just how much they miss Paul Walker.