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The Final Trailer For The Shallows Is Chilling And Suspenseful

Full disclosure time: the first trailer for Blake Lively's The Shallows was a bit underwhelming. Between a vague tagline that just didn't sound enticing, as well as the extremely limited look at what was going on, the film wasn't selling itself all that well. However, this final trailer more than makes up for that, as it provides the ominous atmosphere the teaser should have. You can watch for yourself below.

Our latest look at The Shallows comes directly from Sony Pictures themselves, as they've released this short, yet effective trailer through their official YouTube channel. Clocking in at only 23 seconds more than the previously mentioned trailer, this look at the summer survival film basically encapsulates what looks like the first act of the film. Blake Lively goes to the beach, prepares herself for a fun day of surfing, and eventually engages in said surfing, until a jerk of a shark knocks her off her board and causes her to wipe out, big time.

Right there, you've got your first big difference between The Shallows' two trailers. In the first trailer, we see Lively's protagonist fussing over a leg injury, which while painful, looks extremely PG-13. However, in this new trailer, we see her wipe out in a PG-13 fashion that looks much more harrowing. Instead of just seeing an injury, we see how she gets it, and judging by the knock to the head she got, it looked extremely brutal. Throw in a quick montage of action shots, as well as quick glimpses of the shark, and you've got some pretty solid visuals. Though that's not all the trailer has going for it, as we haven't even talked about the accompanying soundtrack yet!

There are two key components to The Shallows' trailer soundtrack that make up the full picture: audio from an old speech preaching self-reliance, and an almost dub step-ish electronic tune that really amps up the dread of the images we're seeing. As if it wasn't clear enough in the set up, this is going to be a mostly Blake Lively run show in this picture. In the grand tradition of Cast Away, 127 Hours, and Gravity, our protagonist is going to be in hot water, and they have no one to rescue them but themselves. It borders on being too on the nose, but the sort of twist at the end, implying that we're at the beginning of Blake Lively's self-reliance story, is what helps sell this trailer to its best potential. It reminds us that this is merely the beginning of the journey, and there are many more potential horrors to discover.

Still, after having said all of this, there's still a good possibility that The Shallows will be a disappointing horror movie with a good gimmick in the trailer. At the very least, this trailer has leveled the playing field for all interested audiences, and we'll get to see if The Shallows sinks or swims, when it's released on June 29th.

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