First Burlesque Poster Is Hot Pink And Shiny

For those of you who saw Moulin Rouge! back in 2001 and fervently wished from then on that every movie you saw was so flashy and campy, your decade of disappointment is about to end. Coming this Thanksgiving is Burlesque, a movie that puts Cher and Christina Aguilera together in a burlesque club and has them duke it out to see who's the best diva. No matter who loses, we win, am I right?

The first trailer for the film was almost incoherently glitzy but also really really fun, and now Cinematical has debuted the first poster, which is basically asking you to consider this movie a pink-tinged Chicago sequel. (for comparison's sake). I'm not sure if those are photos of the lead actresses or just CGI recreations, given how unwrinkled and generally inhuman they both look, but that stylization is pretty much the point. I also like the idea that the title runs between Cher and Christina because they're such huge divas they had to be split up.

Check out a smaller version of the poster below and click on it for Cinematical's full-size. Burlesque hits theaters this Thanksgiving, so you have plenty of type to sew sequins on to all of your clothes in the meantime.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend