Though it failed to win the Audience Award from the Toronto Film Festival, coming in second to the very well-loved Silver Linings Playbook, Ben Affleck's Argo was one of the clear hits of the festival, a taut political thriller with Hollywood ties that had everyone coming out of the theater talking about Oscars. But first, the movie actually has to make it to theaters, and we got a sign we're one step closer to that with the film's first official poster, released today by Warner Bros. Take a look below.

Yes, that's Affleck's face bisected by the title and covered in all that beard. Affleck doesn't just direct the film but stars in it as CIA agent Tony Mendez, who led the operation to rescue a group of hostages from the American embassy in Iran by developing a fake movie project called-- wait for it-- Argo! As you can tell from the poster, though, Affleck is just a small part of a dynamite cast, which includes Cranston, Arkin and Goodman along with Kyle Chandler, Victor Garber, Tate Donovan, Philip Baker Hall, Chris Messina, and many more.

Based on the rapturous response Argo got in Toronto we pegged it for one of our obscenely early picks to win Best Picture, and its runner-up status for the TIFF Audience Award certainly didn't make it any less likely. We'll see just how beloved it turns out to be when Argo opens on October 12, hopefully marking a high point amid all the fall prestige releases. After all, Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master got us off to such a good start that it might be hard to keep the momentum going from here-- and luckily Argo seems right now to be a guarantee.

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