First Spectre Clip Spells Big Trouble For James Bond's Secret Agency

You can’t get much more iconic than the James Bond franchise. Here’s a series that’s lasted over 50 years, produced 24 films, and has a lead character that’s been portrayed by six actors. In that time, MI6, the agency that makes sure 007 never wants for assignments, has come under fire several times. Now, though, the first clip from the next James Bond movie, Spectre, shows us that MI6 might have its work cut out this time.

This clip, brings up an interesting question: Who does this guy think he is, trying to help shut down the 00 program? This would leave, I don’t know how many agents (I love to think that there’s an agent 00100 out there), all with a certain set of skills that could challenge Liam Neeson in all those Taken movies, unemployed. M (Ralph Fiennes) is right, this ain’t a good idea, dude.

The cocky bastard talking to M isn’t even the main bad guy, from what we can tell, but he’s still pretty damn creepy. M fulfills his duty in the clip, staying a study in badass British resolve in the face of a total bullshit, knowing, as he does, how much they need their 00 operatives.

It’s actually a bit of a surprise that no other big time political mastermind has tried to shut them down before. When you think about it, a lot of havoc has been wrecked as James Bond and his cohorts try to mete out justice to megalomaniacal super villains. Granted, the super villains are obviously first on the list of destruction seekers here, but politicians love to lay blame in more concrete ways that leave the insane guy who’s dead now as a pitiful excuse.

Spectre will feature a lot of badasses, and, lucky for us, more than a few of them will be on our side. As with any Bond film, the baddest of asses will belong to 007 himself. Daniel Craig reprises the role for his fourth turn as Bond, and I think most can agree that his balls to the wall performing style is likely to be one of the best things about the movie.

Many people were skeptical when Daniel Craig was chosen as the new Bond for 2006's Casino Royale, but no one can deny now that the actor has helped revitalize a series that had gotten way too into cutesy dialogue and fancy gadgets. Bond feels like it takes place in the real world again, and all fans need that more than they need glossy ink pens that kill people. The coming of every Bond movie gives people high hopes, and from the looks of the above clip, our favorite secret agent will get a chance to kick ass on several fronts. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Spectre opens on November 6.

Adrienne Jones
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