The first clip from Super 8 has arrived, sort of. I say sort of because it’s not so much a complete clip as a bunch of portions of a scene edited together to squeeze it all in 30 seconds. I’m not sure this actually does them any favors, but it does at least give you some feel for the tone of director JJ Abrams upcoming film. With or without this clip, it’s still 2011’s best bet to be this year’s Inception.

Watch the first clip from Super 8 embedded below.

Super 8 arrives in theaters June 10th. It takes place in 1979 and, as you saw in the clip, involves a group of kids making an amateur zombie film when suddenly terrifying and inexplicable real life events start happening around them. The clip has that total nostalgic, long summer nights goofing around with your friends vibe. It wouldn’t be at all out of place for someone to run around catching fireflies… at least until that train crash plows its way right into their laps.

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